I recently had a birthday. Here are 28 things I’ve picked up along the journey (in no particular order):

Men are simple creatures.

People are wrong.

Breathing is underrated.

Neither science nor religion have all the answers.

Be well to do well.

Energy moves.

One does not learn how to dance, one remembers how to dance.

Sexual selection theory makes sense in my evolution textbook but not in my love life.

Vitality is everything.

Rules are there to be broken.

You create your life.

The time is always now.

Feel, touch, listen, smell and taste your present moment.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Everything worth knowing I have learned from Nature.

I am Woman.

Sooner is better than later, now is best.

Sex is a good thing.

When the heart breaks, it lets light shine through the cracks.

My internal compass is forever pointed toward freedom.

Community is vital.

A small change is a big change.

Trees remind me of who I am.

There is no such thing as ‘living in fear’. It is either one or the other.

A flexible body means a flexible mind.

Medicine is all around you.

If the universe is random, I won the lottery.

All will be fine.

About verochai

Live simply, simply live.
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